About us

has been participating in the tourism world for over a decade, with avant-garde proposals that have defined our unique concept and have benefited thousands of people who work for the best companies.

Our mission is to offer the best vacation plans domestic or abroad, excellent hotels with the best rates in the market and all of this under a very well designed deferred payment method. This benefit allows us to meet people’s needs for leisure, quality family time, relaxation and even a business trip with an open travel concept at a very low cost.

From the beginning, Optucorp’s philosophy is based on respect for people and their essence to individuality. Our principles and goals are:

  1. To offer families our highest quality benefits, insured by a guarantee of excellence.
  2. To provide a friendly and courteous service to our customers, to satisfy their needs and exceed their expectations.
  3. To recognize the individual and collective contribution of our staff to our company.
  4. For everyone involved with the Optucorp Family to grow and succed.
  1. Honesty.
  2. Respect.
  3. Confidence.
  4. Team work spirit.
  5. Efficient administration.
  6. Constant training and development of our staff.
  7. Leadership of executives achieved through direct contact with their staff.